[English page]SUMMER SONIC 2019 TOKYO BAND-MAID live report Fes goose bumps stood aggressive attack, in Setori! Full of charms different from one-man!

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I went to the BAND-MAID waitperson!

It was participation from the middle, but I could see a powerful stage.

And since I’ve only been there, I’m so happy to be able to taste BAND-MAID at the festival.

This is the third time BAND-MAID will appear in SUMMER SONIC.

I first saw the festival’s BAND-MAID, but I was surprised that it wasn’t the one-man impression.

There are three differences: “momentum”, “aggressive” and “offensive”

And the last impression is “BAND-MAID will go to a higher stage!”

BAND-MAID’s fest is only fun! !

I had arrived at the venue the second half of the third song, “FREEDOM”

The front is the same as live, and there are many 〝masters〟〝young lady〟

Customers who came to see BAND-MAID for the first time in the middle and rear.

Still, there was a customer in the back of the venue (near the entrance)

What kind of band or band is interested in BAND-MAID? Or a maid band? There were many people.

I watched it in front of a little space. Of course I was clamoring by one person.

Live performances are performed by fans and interested fans who purchase tickets.

That’s why people who know the band’s songs and who know the hand of the band and how to swing will gather naturally.

Fans are formed because I feel really happy about the world of the performers.

But when it comes to festivals, the feeling changes.

Needless to say, there are many people who do not know the performer. Therefore, the performers are obsessed with the performance of trying to captivate everyone.

The BAND-MAID I saw this time had a great “attack” attitude that turned the audience into fans.

Looking at each setlist, remarks, and movements, I think there was an “aggressive attitude” different from the waitperson.

I don’t remember, but I’ve never heard of SAIKI’s words “Thank you for playing with the maid!” But I really like that choice.

In the second half of DOMINATION “People who are outside! Why don’t you listen to a song!!”
I was very impressed.

I’m on the floor and I’ll go inside and watch! ! I was so excited.

It’s familiar by a recent waiter here. The “wireless system” that a musical instrument corps can move freely was also introduced this time.

The appearance of KANAMI, MISA and Kobato moving on the stage is very fresh. It just came out in the performance just by losing the cable.

AKANE can’t move because it’s a drum, but if you build a system that moves back and forth, you’ll feel that instrumental songs such as on-set will become even more exciting.

However, you can see the instrument group well, whether you are good or bad! After all, the range that can be moved with a cable is limited.

However, AKANE’s drums and MISA’s bass, which are the key to the rhythm team, were amazing. I was mesmerizing.

In this setlist, we played the undelivered “Rinne”. An important song that shows the momentum of BAND-MAID. Great choice. I think it will be an indispensable song for the future BAND-MAID.

And “endless Story”

woh woh woh woh and singalong will have one venue. The spectacle unique to live performances

And then KANAMI’s solo. There is an impact. The members who sat quietly by the side of the performance and stared at KANAMI were happy to get drunk. It was very smiling. After that, I was able to feel respect and love for the members in the form of MISA pompoming KANAMI’s head.

Aggressive setlists often felt short. However, I could enjoy BAND-MAID in a short but rich time.

From the beginning, I was satisfied that I was able to see SAIKI’s singing voice that attracted the audience, the performance skills of the instrument group, and the unity of BAND-MAID. I’m glad to support you.

YouTube LIVE distribution

This time, SUMMER SONIC 2019 will be distributed on YouTube LIVE. Therefore, people from all over the world could see the festival.

BAND-MAID delivered 3 songs out of 9 songs.

It was being seen at a site actually, so I wasn’t seeing a delivery, but the person who saw the state of the delivery was murmuring in Twitter. There were a lot of favorable opinions everything.

Chrispepler came to SUMMER SONIC 2019 and touched BAND-MAID on Twitter.

Some excerpts “BAND-MAID was good! Especially the best rhythm corps!”

SUMMER SONIC 2019 waitperson set list

* Sound check”Higher Ground”

1. Screaming



4. Bubble

5. endless Story

6. モラトリアム


8. glory


Don’t miss the BAND-MAID sound check! !

The song played by Soundcheck is “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder / Red Hot Chili Peppers

I think it was a sound check that was conscious of Red Hot Chili Peppers, which was the final stage on the 17th.

Cool! ! What’s this! ! I wanted to see! ! !


・Fes BAND-MAID has momentum. Of course, it doesn’t do as long as one-man, but it shows the goodness of the band in a short time.

・Many of the comments on Twitter on YouTube LIVE streaming were “I wanted to see it live” and “I was happy to see BAND-MAID”.

・Play “Higher Ground” with sound check. Not only the performers but also the fans are happy! !

・For those who are interested in even a little, those who want to see once, BAND-MAID tour that will start from now on. Come to Shibuya on the first day of “Evolution” in February 2020! !

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